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This is the Russell Scott Primary School Governing Body
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 Instrument of Government: Community School

  1. The name of the school is Russell Scott Primary School
  2. The school is a community school.
  3. The name of the governing body is : Russell Scott Governing Body

The governing body shall consist of:

1 Head Teacher

3 Parent Governors, to be elected

1 Staff Governor, and only one, to be elected

1 Local Authority Governor, and only one, to be nominated by the LA

6 Co-opted Governors

Total number of governors 12

The instrument of government came into effect on 23rd June 2015 and adheres to the legal framework for reconstituted governing bodies 2015.

You can see the Governor Details for the last 12 months here


Governor List 2015/2016

Mr Shaun Ahern  Chair of Governors – Co-opted Governor

Mrs Elaine Healey  Deputy Chair of Governors – Authority Governor

Ms Andrea Slater – Co-opted Governor

Mr Ross Hunter – Parent Governor

Mr Robert Taylor – Parent Governor

Mr Stephen Marsland Headteacher – Staff Governor

Mrs Lynne Watkins – Co-opted Governor

Mrs Julie West – Co-opted Governor

Ms Tracy Holt – Staff Governor

Mrs Anne Chesters – Co-opted Governor

Areas of skill and experience include:

Co-opted governors-

* Teaching & Learning * Staffing and PRP * Ethos (SIAM) * SEND * Pupil Premium /sports grant * Inclusion * GB development

Parent governors-

* Finance  * Parent & community engagement

Staff governor-

Behaviour & Safety including e-safety

L.A governor-

Attainment (data)

There are currently vacancies for the following governors:
1 Parent governor

1 Co-opted governor

1 LA governor

Governor List 2014/2015

Mr Stephen Marsland Headteacher

Mr Shaun Ahern  Chair of Governors

Mrs Elaine Healey  Deputy Chair of Governors

Cllr Vincent Ricci

Ms Andrea Slater

Mrs Deborah Patel

Mrs Louise Potts

Mr Ross Hunter

Mr Robert Taylor

Mrs Lynne Watkins

Mrs Julie West

Ms Tracy Holt

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